Policies & Forms

Rental Policies and Forms

Facility Rules

  • One lock per unit ONLY.
  • Do not block other units.
  • Keep driveways clear of large furniture items, etc.
  • Speed limit is 5mph.
  • Smoking in storage units is prohibited.
  • Pick up your own trash.
  • Turn interior unit light off.


  • 10-day written notice form is provided in your move-in package and online.
  • We do pro-rate refunds for partial months used when we receive the 10 day notice

Rental Policy

  • Monthly rent is due on the anniversary date of your rental agreement.
  • Late fees accrue on the 10th, 20th day past due.
  • Auto debit/credit options are available.
  • We adhere to Arkansas Code Act 576 of 1987.

Delinquent Storage Auctions

  • Sales are held when there are sufficient delinquent storage units for a sale, usually twice a year in spring and fall.
  • Entire contents of units will be sold at public sale.
  • All bidders must sign in at the office, prior to start of sale.
  • We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) or cash only.
  • Sale rules will be announced by the seller.
  • All units must be broom swept and all contents removed from the premises within 24 hours of sale.
  • Like us on Facebook to get advance sale notices, also a detailed listing will be published in the newspaper, The Mena Star.


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